5 Best Decaf Coffee Brands on the Market

Decaf coffee lovers! Check out this page if you are interested in the 5 best decaf coffee brands on the market.  Decaf coffee is actually better for those who love coffee and are trying to get away from large amounts of daily caffeine intake.  There is a process the coffee beans go through to create the best decaf coffee.  The beans are actually soaked in a solution to remove about 99% of the caffeine from the beans.

There are also nutritional benefits associated with the best tasting decaf coffee.  The coffee bean has antioxidants to help keep those free radicals out of your system.  The best decaf coffee still has antioxidants and only a small amount less than regular coffee.  One cup of the best decaf coffee gives a person their daily potassium requirements along with niacin and magnesium, as well as other nutrients. It is time to check out the best decaf coffee brands available!

Gourmesso Decaf Peru Dolce – 100% Organic
  • Organic
  • Natural decaf process
  • Lightly roasted
  • Cups can only be used in the Original Nespresso Coffee Maker
MadCap Las Serranías Decaf
  • Natural decaf process
  • Naturally sweet
  • 12 Oz. bag
  • Bag is difficult to seal
KOA Coffee – Whole Bean – Swiss Water Decaf
  • Medium roast
  • Swiss water decaf process
  • Beans harvested in Hawaii
  • Bag size choices are 1&2 lb. only

5 Best Decaf Coffees

1) Gourmesso Decaf Peru Dolce – 100% Organic

Why is it the best?

  • Affordable price
  • 100% Organic decaf coffee
  • Lightly Roasted
  • Natural decaf process

Gourmesso Decaf Peru Dolce – 100% Organic Decaf Coffee

The Decaf Peru Coffee Capsules for Nespresso coffee makers tops the list for the best organic decaf coffees. This is a good choice for the best-tasting decaf coffee because the capsules are 100% organic. These capsules do not fit into any other machines because they are specifically marketed for Nespresso coffee makers. There’s a difference between Gourmesso and Nespresso coffee makers.

An important aspect to consider is that these capsules are designed for the original Nespresso coffee maker. For those that already have a Gourmesso coffee machine, these capsules will not fit and can only be run through the Nespresso Original Machines, formally called OriginalLine.

This product is considered a light roast level. You can smell the delicious taste of chocolate combined with a rich cream, making this a flavorful option. The level of intensity is rated at a 3 and the packaging catches its consumer’s eye. Each box contains 10 capsules and offers an exquisite taste that will be remembered.

2) MadCap Las Serranías Decaf

Why is it the best?

  • Natural decaf process
  • Naturally, sweet
  • 12 Oz. bag
  • Fairly priced

MadCap Las Serranías Decaf

MadCap Las Serranias Decaf comes right from Columbia. Columbia is noted for its coffee beans and the attractive taste that comes with them. This brand is also reasonably priced and is considered an earthy type of decaf coffee when considering the taste.

The brand uses a method in one of the regions of Columbia to remove the caffeine from their coffee beans. Most companies use ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine content from their decaf. The Las Serranias decaf coffee process uses natural ethyl acetate which is a fermented sugar cane. This helps to remove the caffeine content.

Madcap has created an excellent product, allowing it to hit as one of the best decaf coffee brands on our list, only because one barely finds a naturally sweet decaf coffee. The MadCap Las Serranias Decaf coffee has an excellent aroma that adds to the mouth-watering taste of this coffee.

This particular brand of decaf coffee is considered creamy and also boasts of a syrupy texture with an earthy flavor. Las Seranias removes the caffeine at a plant in Manizales, Columbia by using natural sugar cane.

This 12 oz. bag of coffee is created in style and is an affordable choice for decaf.

3) KOA Coffee – Whole Bean – Swiss Water Decaf

Why is it the best?

  • Medium roast
  • Swiss water decaf process
  • Beans harvested in Hawaii
  • 100% Kona coffee

KOA Coffee – Whole Bean – Swiss Water Decaf 

The Swiss Water Whole Bean Decaf Coffee is made with 100% whole beans. This brand of decaf coffee is considered to be a medium roasted blend and comes in one and two-pound bags.

All of the brands mentioned gives consumers a subscription advantage. KOA Whole Bean Swiss Water Decaf Coffee doesn’t require a subscription with the first order. The product is packaged nicely and has a catchy logo.

KOA uses its Swiss water method to remove caffeine from the whole beans. Most consumers like their coffee processed with as few chemicals as possible. KOA decaf coffee beans are grown and processed in Hawaii. 

If you are looking for an evening treat, look no further. This decaffeinated coffee is the perfect treat to round up your night. If decaf isn’t your thing because of blends that were bitter, try this brand of KOA Swiss Water Decaf.  The taste and aroma of this medium roast will impress you.  

These coffee beans are grown near the Mona Loa volcano in Hawaii and roasted to a medium level. The Swiss Water Coffee beans are whole beans before the beans go through the Swiss Water effect to create the best decaf cup of coffee. Take a chance and try this delicious beverage, you won’t be disappointed. 

There are three ways to remove caffeine from a coffee bean and KOA uses the Swiss Water Method. The cost of a one-pound bag is priced a little higher than smaller bags, however, you get more bang for your buck. 

4) Volcanica Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee

Why is it the best?

  • Coffee flavored
  • Mountain grown
  • Certified
  • Uses Swiss Water method

Volcanica Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee

Volcanica Costa Rica Tarrazu Decaf Coffee is another one of the best decaf coffee brands on the market. This brand of decaf coffee has a 4.9 rating out of 5 stars.  There are also 43 reviews to look at if you are interested in purchasing these delightful decaf coffee brands.  The cool temperatures of the mountain range, create that delicious cup of decaf coffee with a whiff of chocolate.

This product is certified as a kosher product as well. Imagine the smell of a clean body along with apples and nuts. The process used to make this brand of decaf coffee is the Swiss Water method and is 100% chemical-free.

This product speaks volumes on the price. Not only is it an affordable decaffeinated coffee but it is also enjoyable to the taste buds and satisfying after any meal.

5) Hugo Coffee – Downward Dog Decaf

Why is it the best?

  • Very flavorful
  • Percentage of proceeds are donated to rescues
  • Hints of caramel, cocoa, and banana
  • Uses natural decaf process

Hugo Coffee – Downward Dog Decaf

Hugo Coffee Roasters Downward Dog Decaf is the last choice of the best decaf coffee brands. The company is owned by a woman named Claudia McMullin. Claudia, who is an adamant rescue dog supporter, named the company Hugo Coffee after she adopted an adorable puppy named Hugo. 10% of quarterly profits are sent to various rescue shelters. Now that is worth the purchase of this coffee alone.

Hugo’s brand of decaf coffee is designed for people who love coffee and are also trying to cut down on their caffeine intake. The brand has a taste of caramel, cocoa, and banana bread which sounds very appetizing to the taste buds. Hugo Coffee gathers the beans and uses a natural process for decaffeination.

Hugo Coffee Roasters Downward Dog Decaf comes in a 12-ounce package and features an adorable pooch right on the package. For dog lovers and coffee lovers alike, this may just be the best decaf coffee for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Consumers Concerned about Chemicals in Decaf Coffee?

The EPA is on top of chemicals that were frequently used for the decaffeination process. Paint stripper is a chemical found in methyl chloride that has been banned by the EPA. The FDA approves methyl chloride. Consumers should be aware of what methods are used for decaffeination, especially the elderly and pregnant women.

Do Consumers Think Decaf Coffee is Bad for Them? 

The heart can be affected by decaffeinated coffee. The reason is that the chemicals in decaf coffee increase certain cholesterol in the human body.   

What About Side Effects from Decaf Coffee?

Some people experience heartburn and acid reflux from coffee. This is why many people switch to decaf coffee because there are no side effects. Decaf coffee does contain small amounts of caffeine, but not near as much as a traditional coffee. Decaf coffee does also has mass amounts of antioxidants that also have nutrients. 

Can Decaf Coffee Cause Inflammation for Consumers?

Coffee is one of the most favorite beverages around the world.  Coffee and decaf coffee is loaded with many compounds that assist in maintaining a coffee consumer’s health. Studies have been done that prove that the antioxidants found in decaf coffee contain anti-inflammatory benefits.  

Can Decaf Coffee Cause Anxiety?

Decaf is better for reducing anxiety compared to traditional coffee. By drinking decaf, it is said that anxiety is reduced because the amount of caffeine is reduced. Traditional coffees have plenty of caffeine in them, whereas decaf only has a tiny amount.

The Final Brew

We have done the work and found the best decaf coffee brands on the market. The only thing left for you to do is give them a taste. Decaf coffee offers many pros to the coffee connoisseur. All of these brands listed on the market use a natural method of decaffeination that doesn’t include poisons, such as, methyl chloride.

Consumers! Why not check out these sites and see for yourself what the best product is for you and your family members. Decaf coffee also contains a large number of antioxidants and minerals that satisfy your daily intake, which doesn’t disappoint. Take a chance on one of the best decaf coffee brands listed.

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