Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

There are few things in life better than a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning. If you are a lover of coffee and are looking for that perfect coffee maker then you have come to the right place. Today, we will review the Single Serve Coffee Maker by Aicok, a relatively young but promising company that was established in 2014.

Aicok is a wholly owned brand that focuses on offering highly portable coffee makers, blenders, kitchen appliances, and other gadgets. Their K-cup coffee makers are one of their most appreciated products due to ease of use on the go. Does the Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker stand up to that promise? Let’s find out.

This coffee maker sports a single cup design equipped with a quick brew technology to give you an instant look of refreshing coffee at anytime, anywhere. The machine is compatible with most single cup pod designs including K-cup pods and Realcups. It allows you to select your own cup size and get a fresh cup of coffee almost instantly.

This Aicok unit comes with an advanced internal structure that features a wider tank mouth of the single cup coffee maker. This makes it more convenient to fill and clean the coffee maker.

It comes with an easily removable drip tray along with a 12 ounce water reservoir support for those times when you want to enjoy a bigger cup of coffee. It can accommodate up to 5 1/2-inch tall mugs at the maximum.

We really like the lightweight and compact design of the coffee maker, which makes it a perfect appliance for your desk at home or in the office. Due to its small size, it is also convenient to just put it in your travel bag and hit the road.

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These coffee makers are perfect for camping and they also are also good for singles as it can make an instant cup of coffee anytime you need it, without any hassle.

Using the appliance is pretty easy. It comes with a smart yet simple one-touch button with indicator light that turns on when the coffee is brewing.

When the process is completed, the machine gets shut down automatically to save energy. Thus the appliance is also energy efficient which is a huge plus.

Another important aspect that we really appreciate about Aicok kitchen appliances is that the company stands behind its products and offers a two year warranty. The manufacturer uses BPA free materials to make the water tank and it has received UL certification to give you enhanced safety.

An important tip from the manufacturer is that you brew clean water in the tank every morning before using the appliance to make coffee. This will make the coffee maker more effective to create cream from coffee.

In several tests it was confirmed that the product stands up well to the claims made by the manufacturer. The single cup design complements most of the single cup coffee pods and filters. There’s an easily removable drip tray that creates enough space to use your favorite mug or cup.

The water boils pretty quickly, in less than three minutes without any scalding or hazard. The exterior body does not turn hot thus it is safe to use at home when you have kids around or while camping outdoors.

Features of the Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker

  • Measures 3.4 x 1.9 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 2.9 pounds
  • Single cup design
  • Quick brewing technology
  • Advanced internal structure
  • Lightweight
  • Auto shut off
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty


  • Perfect size and works great for singles
  • The appliance is simple to use and it delivers a great performance
  • Awesome customer service; the staff is friendly and helpful
  • The product does its job well, exactly as advertised by the manufacturer
  • It fits well in a small bag so you can carry it with your wherever you go
  • You may use the coffee maker daily to brew creamy and refreshing coffee whenever you want it
  • The auto shut down features saves electricity and makes it energy efficient
  • Price is unbeatable; it offers great value for money
  • Easy to use and makes coffee within 3 minutes
  • The unit comes with a two year manufacturer warranty
  • It comes with a manual guide that explains how to use the coffee maker


  • The reservoir tank is small in capacity; it can hold only 12 ounces


We compared the Aicok single server coffee maker with similar products from Hamilton Beach and Chulux. We found that these three products have almost the same features like auto shut down, one touch start, quick brewing, 12 ounce water reservoir and dishwasher safe.

However, the two year manufacturer warranty and amazing customer support offered by Aicok won us over. Although the coffee maker is slightly more expensive than competitive products in the market, we think the quality it delivers is worth every penny.


Aicok single server coffee maker is a smart single cup coffee maker that not only looks great but also performs as advertised. The product is intelligently designed with easy to use buttons and the auto shut down feature saves energy.

If you are single then this kitchen appliance can be handy as it can brew a hot and steaming cup of creamy coffee in less than three minutes. It is also a perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts because the coffee market is so light and portable that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker is also backed by a two year manufacturer warranty which adds a lot of value to it. Overall, we feel this product is perfect for those who want a light and compatible coffee maker that they can carry along wherever they go.

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