Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

To all my distinguished coffee lovers, how are you doing? We know that our world is diverse apart from the usual coffee drinks we always get. From one java addict to another, it’s easy to get a coffee shot for the friend who needs the brain up. But what about the best gifts for coffee lover friends?

Well, it’s always great when you get a free espresso shot or something like that. On the other hand, have you ever thought of any gifts for coffee lovers? If you haven’t, then it’s time to study your caffeinated comrade and see what you can add to their java collection.

Make no mistake of buying a gift that your friend already has or will not appreciate. You don’t want to ruin the happy setting that their coffee has already brought. Do you have that snob who needs something to lift the spirits? Alternatively, someone aspiring to be the next home barista and needs a proper French Press for the DIY schedule?

Whatever the category they fit in, your fellow java lover needs something that shows you think about their affair with coffee. So, how about you sort the review list below and see what you can get for their next birthday?

Our Coffee Gift Top Picks

1. Cuisinart DGB-550BK Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker

Does your friend have a messy grinder that they have to struggle with before transferring the grounds to the brewer? A Cuisinart, the 550BK Grind & Brew Coffee maker, will save the coming days by having the grinder and brewing combined into one machine.

If they also have to get a good cup to wake the head entirely, this one comes with an alarm to wake them up for the early morning java. The best part is that once the alarm goes off, there will be some coffee ready by then. Remind him or her that they have to set the timer though, and the program in the machine will take over.

It comes with a 12-cup glass carafe that one can use to keep the java if they need it later. It also relieves the messy grinder since you only need the beans here and the settings. The only flaw here is that it has the blade grinder and not the burr type. However, it will work as per the expectations.

If the coffee supporter uses pre-ground beans, it’s still okay. The machine has the grind-off feature that shuts off the grinder and allows the use of already ground beans.

2. Hoovy Caddy for Chemex Coffeemaker

Do you know that neighbor who has a Chemex coffee maker? Where is it stored? If they keep it on the counter, you can introduce the idea of a Hoovy Caddy for their Chemex pour-over.

It can hold different coffee maker sizes from a 3-cup maker to a 10-size one. It a bamboo wood clone designed to keep your kitchen clean by having a special place for their coffee maker. At the base, where you place the Chemex is a drip mat that also works like a heating pad if there is coffee left in the coffee maker.

The honeycomb texture on the mat makes it suitable for drying when you wash it or want the Chemex to dry over it. It is also resistant to heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so don’t worry when you place the brewer with hot coffee in it.

On the side is a filter holder to store the large filters. So, your friend will not have to go for the filters unless it’s a refill once you get them the Hoovy Caddy. One can also use it as a decoration or to store other things like small files and books if they don’t want it for the Chemex.

3. Marley Coffee Buffalo Soldier Ground Coffee

Marley Coffee is known to have different flavors, which also includes how they pack it. If your fellow coffee mate has never seen it, then it’s a good thing to start with the ground one. It will be easy to use it in a French Press, pour-over or a coffee machine that accepts pre-ground coffee.

Marley has reputable coffee. So that you don’t ruin the taste of other coffee brands, how about giving your friend a medium-dark roast to try out first. For the best results, tell them to use two tablespoons for every 6 oz cup using filtered water. Next, it’s always a good idea to store the bag in a cool, dry, and dark place.

After enjoying the brew from the Marley sample, I’m sure they will want the whole beans next time or packed pods for the single serves. Yes, Marley coffee also includes reusable plastic pods that are compatible even with Keurig (but you need to check on the Keurig model first).

By getting this coffee brand as a gift, you are also promoting the reforestation exercise that the Marley has been doing for quite a long time now.

4. Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If the coffee lover likes to make their coffee the traditional way, then you can give them something that can speed up the process. This Electric Gooseneck Kettle comes with temperature presets that heats the water to the wanted temperature for perfect pour-over brewing.

If your friend has Chemex, this will be the next best invention for them after sliced bread. You can set the right temperature that the grounds need for the best coffee flavor results. If someone has been drinking some burnt or awful coffee, let them try next time by setting the temperature first.

The 120-volt kettle delivers 1000 watts, which boils your water in minutes. So, this is not the kettle that you put water and go to other chores as you wait for it to boil. However, if that’s how you do things, don’t worry. The gooseneck has an auto-off feature that shuts it off after reaching the preset temperature.

If you want to heat some more, the kettle remembers the last temperature you set and take it from there. The stainless steel mirror-finishing makes it look adorable as a gift plus the material is food grade and certified for home use.

It also comes with a plastic BPA-free handle to avoid getting burnt as you lift it from the heating panel. The lid also helps in keeping the hot water inside as it boils or when carrying to your pour-over the position.

5. Gorgeous French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

The next gift on the list is something that the coffee ally can use with the gooseneck above. It’s a French Press Coffee & Tea Maker to satisfy both the coffee and tea needs. The name Gorgeous is added in the description due to the looks. You get a nicely curved 18/8 chrome stainless steel that holds the thick borosilicate glass inside. The finishing makes it spectacular, to say the least.

To make the best out of the coffee grounds, the French Press has a microfilter and plunger system. They are what helps in extracting the flavors and deliver the creamy coffee that your friend wishes from their older French Press. For the filters, it comes with two.

Now, if the friend has never used a French Press before, it comes with a manual to guide them through. The manufacturer also goes ahead to reach out to you to know how the Gorgeous is doing since after buying it, you join the VIP email list. So, no one in the household will worry about the process when making the next 8 cups of coffee (or tea) since they will have all the help needed.

6. Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans

Most coffee addicts like to grind their coffee whenever they can. On the other hand, they might not have the perfect storage for their beans after getting their fair share from the grinder. That is why you need to get an Airtight Storage Container that your friend can use to store the beans if all they know is to leave them in the bag.

It’s an excellent container made from thick borosilicate glass, but you need to take care when handling it. The best part is the lid that comes with it. It helps in removing the air out of the container when you push it down after filling the beans. The cover acts as a plunger here with a twin-valve at the top to help in releasing the air.

When all air is out, the lid stays at the same level as the present beans in the container so, no air gets back in the container. As the manufacturer says, there are no levers or pumps needing replacement here.

Due to the looks, it serves as perfect storage for the beans on the kitchen counter. There are different sizes for the container, and you can stack them on top of each other for convenient storage.

7. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

This gift is for that friend who is always on the move and needs coffee to keep the muscles going. With the Keurig K-Mimi Single Serve, it will be easy to make coffee anywhere with a wall plugin.

It’s slimmer than the previous models, making it convenient to fit in small spaces. So, it’s something that one can put in the bag as they pack for their next expedition. Operating it is easy with the power button at the top and a large dial with the Keurig label on it to tell it what size to brew. Speaking of the coffee brew size, you can brew between 6 and12 oz. from this small unit.

To power it up, it comes with a 26-inch code tucked at the back that you have to pull for the full length. Since it’s a Keurig, it’s compatible with the K-cup pods only but not the K-Carafe or K-Mug types.

For those who need to fit in a mug, the lower drip tray is removable to pave the way for that. That way, you can fit a cup that is up to 7 inches tall. Other features that the gift receiver will enjoy include the auto-shutoff feature that puts it off after 90 seconds of brewing.

8. BOSPHORUS Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Making Serving Gift Set

To those folks who boast of having everything a coffee enthusiast would wish for, how about you show them this gift set and see how they react? The BOSPHORUS Turkish Coffee Making Gift Set has several items that the friend will be glad to have once you deliver them.

First, everything is all copper here, except for the coffee samples, of course. The manufacturer advises you to check for the COPPERBULL logo under the coffee pot to make sure you are not duped. From the 16-piece set, you get 2mm thick copper coffee pot lined up with safe-to-use tin for durability and easy washing.

Next, it’s enjoyable drinking with the two porcelain cups with the saucers include. There are cup holders too and the lids to cover the cups. You also get a considerably large serving tray to carry everything. There are two sugar bowls of different sizes, and they even got the lids.

Now, for both of you to enjoy the first brew, they include Mehmet Efendi Coffee, a brand that has been roasting since 1876. What do you think will be the result? While we tell you it’ll be amazing, you can only know after trying it out.

9. Boss Lady Pink Marble Ceramic Mugs

Some of you are now asking if we have something specifically for the ladies. Well, the above gifts suit every caffeinated human but if you want something for the hardworking women (especially the boss ladies) get them this cup and thank me later.

It’s all pink, but you are bound to get other colors depending on what’s available. Before you reach the cup, there is a marble box inside a marble bag. So, it comes adequately packed with no need for repacking before you present it.

The cup itself is all pink with the words Boss Lady in bold and gold plated. It will take 11.5 oz. of coffee, which is enough to upgrade the boss’ brain during that busy morning. In the cup, you will see two gold pigeons printed near the cup’s opening. That’s the ‘Boss Lady’ trademark. It also comes with a coaster to protect the office table when the cup has hot coffee in it.

A word of caution to your boss lady. This cup should never go to the microwave or the dishwasher. It’s, however, easy to hand wash.

10. Yama Glass Coffee Tower

Who do you know enjoys the cold cups of Joe? Well, here is a gift for them too. For the best, acidic free and fully flavored options, you need to surprise the friend with a Yama Glass Coffee Tower that gets the drink ready in 3-4 hours. Despite the waiting time, it cannot be compared to 24 hours from the immersion brewers.

To assist in making the first cold brew, all you have to do is add some medium grind coffee in the middle beaker. It’s also possible to use filters, but you have to improvise by cutting them out into circular papers before getting them to the grounds holder. Next, add some water and ice cubes on the top part and open the lower tap to drip at a speed of 1-1.5 seconds.

After that, it’s all about being patient here. After the next 3 hours, check to see if the bottom decanter has collected anything. It also comes with a stopper which acts as the top lid. After having the first two cups, you can store the rest in the fridge. The cold brew will stay there for the next two weeks. For durability questions, the glass is hard borosilicate, which is also non-porous while the wooden stand is stable to keep the drip system going.

11. PajamaGram Cute Pajamas for Women

Something more exclusively for the women is coffee pajamas for all the women in the battalion. For the ladies who need that labeling everywhere they go, these pajamas will provide the coffee comfort while in the house or sleeping.

Here you get a white top will coffee labeling with the words ‘I Need Coffee!’ and some green pajamas with coffee cups labeled all over. The material is 100% brushed jersey cotton which also permits shrinking after a few washes. For the best fit, advise the lady to receive the gift to clean it first before wearing it.

The brushed cotton material makes the wearer feel smooth and comfy. For the PJs, they have an elastic drawstring waist to keep it tight when worn. For the top, it’s a three-quarter sleeve which is okay to feel relaxed and no sleeve folding when there are a few chores to do in the house.

One can wear it any time of the day, making it an all-year-round home/sleeping outfit. There are a variety of sizes, from extra small to 3x. That means you can purchase it for your coffee, loving mom, grandma, or a lady you have been eyeing lately.

12. SDREAM Coffee Carafe Thermal

Sometimes, it’s not possible to brew every time you need a cup. Well, so is your working comrade. With that limitation, how about awarding them with an SDREAM Coffee Carafe Thermal to help them carry a hot cup to work and keep it warm until the next serving?

It can keep both hot and cold brews for the next 24 hours. It can also be used to carry hot water if your friend has that small brewer that allows them to make coffee anywhere.

The outer material is BPA-free plastic while the inner has the 304 stainless steel double wall to keep the coffee hot. For better holding, there is an ergonomic wooden handle for that which means fewer spills as you pour to the cup. The spout also has a design that permits smooth liquid flow.

You can get different colors of this thermal, but the metal and wood combination makes it cute for a gift pack. Also, due to the size, it makes it easy to carry when traveling. It’s also easy to disassemble it when it’s time to clean.

13. Manual Burr Mini Coffee Grinder

For the friends who want to grind some coffee anywhere, here is a birthday gift for them – a Manual Mini Burr Grinder. It’s small enough to carry around but also strong enough to grind more than 6000 times in its lifetime.

When you get it as a gift, know that you have given someone a hand grinder that will make coffee grounds for the next five years or longer. It uses the ceramic burr grinder to have close to consistent grinds. The double bearing design and the axial correction cutter aid in smooth and fast grinding. You get a medium-coarse within 25 seconds.

For the espresso grade, grinding takes longer but not more than a minute of hand cranking. At the top, there is a transparent lid that allows seeing how the beans are doing as you work on them. This grinder allows 20 grams of medium roasted beans or 25 grams of the light roast. The collected grounds can make two 6oz cups of the French Press coffee or 3 cups of 5oz espresso.

To make it durable, it has a body made of aluminum alloy with a stainless steel core. That keeps it going without experiencing any rusting issues.

14. Household Coffee Roaster Machine

If you can roast your coffee in the house, then you can silence everyone who has to buy the roasted beans when they need to grind. If you get this coffee roaster for a friend, then that will be very thoughtful of you. You will make him, or she joins the queue for the green beans instead of the roasted ones, which is quite an upgrade.

This is a small electric roaster that one can use at home. However, due to the fumes when roasting coffee, it’s a good idea if you get for someone who has a back yard or space outside for the task. It allows you to roast coffee with up to 240 degrees Celsius temperature calibration. That also means you can adjust the temperature to suit the roasting needs.

For better roasting results, the machine needs 800 grams of green coffee on the black food grade Teflon layer at the roaster top. The machine also comes with a rotating rod to enable beans movement as they go about the first, second, and third crack if you want the Full City Roast. To make sure the beans stay inside until it’s over, there is a transparent. Lastly, use a wet cloth or brush to clean it instead of water after roasting.

15. Ninja Single-Serve Coffee Maker

At only $100, this is quite a small coffee maker that an interested party can enjoy when making espresso grade coffee drinks. It’s a plasticized coffee brewer with somehow curved edges. There are a few stainless steel highlights, however, to add on the durability and quality of use. Overall, it has a compact design that suits the small kitchen counters.

The Ninja Single-Serve will allow the coffee compatriot to use reusable filters (#4) or the pods. There is also a carafe under the filter to receive the flavored coffee. One can also use cups or other carafes, but the filter has to point directly to the opening to avoid spilling.

The water reservoir is easy to refill, and it has the grip needed when holding. On the lower control panel, you can choose the different brewing styles and sizes. The Auto-IQ feature in the coffee maker is responsible for taking the right amount of water to mix with the grounds. So, whether it’s the classic or rich brew, this machine will deliver the barista-quality without having to visit the coffee shop.

Lastly, for the cappuccinos and lattes, there is a frother for the milk which you can do right from the drinking cup. If your friend, however, likes heated milk, they will be forced to boil it first before frothing.

16. Frieling Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

If you don’t want the glass/stainless steel French press that I introduced before, then here is the Frieling French Press Coffee Maker that is all stainless steel, from top to bottom.

Frieling is a company that produces the most exceptional kitchen equipment that suits hotels and restaurants. So, how about upgrading your friend’s kitchen with a double-walled 18/10 stainless steel French Press? It allows for coffee and tea making, but you will want to go for it for coffee brewing.

The stainless steel outer wall has a PVD and UV coating to reduce the fingerprints being all over the Press. It also has a long handle for easy holding as you press or pouring the coffee. To aid in better brewing, it has a patented 2-stage filter system, all the way from Italy. You get s pre-filter and another one with super-fine mesh to prevent any sediments from getting into your cup.

Due to the heavy build on it, this French Press can retain heat four times better than the glass type. If the coffee champion leaves the coffee in the Press, then they will appreciate this feature. Also, it’s easy to wash it since no glass parts are needing extra care.

17. Chemex Hand Blown Glass Coffee Maker

The last one on the list is a Chemex coffee maker that you can include in your gift set after buying the Hoovy Caddy at the beginning. Your friend will actually appreciate that more since everything needed to brew coffee will be right there together with a small cabinet to hold the Chemex.

Back to the Hand Blown Glass Coffee Maker, it has the non-porous borosilicate glass, so there are no odors absorbed. At the center, there is a wooden collar to aid in holding while hot. Apart from using it for pour-over coffee making, it also offers a convenient way to store the remaining coffee, which can also be refrigerated.

Now, for the filters, tell the coffee supporter to use recommended Chemex bonded filters. They are readily available, so there will be no problem with that. Depending on the package you get, the seller might also include some filters to kick start the Chemex.

Like all other glass made coffee makers, its thick glass, but it also needs extra care when handling.

Choose What Suits Your Friend

When selecting the ultimate coffee gift for someone, consider what they have wished for but don’t have it yet. You can also check out their way of grinding and brewing to determine what will make the coffee life more comfortable or profound.

In general, whether they wish for a coffee-themed counter or want the small grinder or brewer, you better have the best interest and intentions in mind before choosing a gift that upgrades the java life.

Once again, to all the coffee guests, thank you for reading and stay caffeinated!

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