Are Single Serve Coffee Makers Worth It?

If you took coffee away from the general population, there would most likely be mass-chaos and violence all over. That’s because coffee has become a staple in many cultures. It’s great to wake you up, great to get you going, great on the go, and for most of us, we would feel naked without it.

Yet, there are differences in coffee preferences everywhere. Some like certain blends, some like certain coffee machines, some will only go to a certain store for their fix.

Choice is a great thing. Which brings us to the topic of single serve coffee makers. The most common question affiliated with the single cup coffee maker is, are they worth it?

Aren’t they expensive? They seem complicated, I don’t know if they are quite right for me.

But after a little homework, Q&A, and some information, you may find yourself eating those words and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee from a single serving coffee machine.

Benefits of Single Serve: Why Single Serve Coffee Makers Worth It

So, what can a single serving coffee maker do for you? Tons of great things, that you may not be aware of. Today, these machines have evolved into a more versatile instrument, which really adds to their value. Let’s explore…


Okay, so most of the single serving machines may seem expensive at first glance, and they usually are than that of a traditional coffee machine, but more manufacturers today are offering products around the $30-$80 range. That’s really not a bad price if you think about all the cost savings involved.

Not only are they being made more affordable, just think about the cost efficiency involved with single serving coffee machines.

First, let’s look at the built-in filter feature. Most of these coffee makers come equipped with that feature, which reduces the visits to the grocery store (gas costs) and from buying those paper filters every so often.

Second, you can purchase Pods online and find some handsome deals than what you would get from a grocery store. As more and more companies produce these machines, that means that more will compete on price.

You stand to win. And you don’t have to stand in line waiting to get your $3 cup of coffee which equates to over 20 bucks a week. Do the math.

Easy to Clean and Simple to Use

One of our favorite features about the single server machine is the ease of cleaning. The ease of use. You don’t have to refer to your manual (although, it’s not a bad idea) in order to operate these machines.

Typically, they will have buttons and a LCD display showing you exactly how to brew, but also how much you can brew. You simply place your cup or mug underneath the dispenser, push a button, and brew.

Some machines are now equipped to tell us when to clean the machine. It can’t get any easier than that. On top of that, certain models are dishwasher safe.

Even if they weren’t dishwasher safe, it’s quite simple in how to clean. Add some water and a little White Vinegar, and run a couple of cycles. Once you’ve done that, add only water and run two more cycles to rid the smell and possible taste of the White Vinegar.

Not to mention, that throwing away coffee filters can be a messy affair. When the single serve coffee machine, you simply just grab the pod and throw it away without the mess.


Perhaps this may sell you alone on whether they are worth it or not. Do you like sitting behind someone who just can’t make up their mind on what they want?

Or how about when you are running late to work, and just want a cup of coffee, and the person ahead of you is ordering the whole menu?

I’m guessing the answer is no. And with single serving coffee machines, you don’t have to worry about that dynamic anymore. Just simply fill the reservoir with water, place your pod in the pod-holder, push a button, place the cup, and enjoy.

You can also take these machines with you to work or on family vacations. They aren’t very bulky, and are portable friendly.

The Variety

You may think you’ll have to compromise because these machines can only handle a certain coffee brand. That’s just not true, as most of these machines even allow you to brew up hot cocoa, tea, and other beverages.

Add that to the variety of flavors out there and you have yourself a coffee store in your home without the line.

You can also choose the size of cup you want. From three to four cup sizes and to 8-32 ounces of choice.


Just like any product, there a few cons to buying a single serving machine for coffee.


Most brands and most models are twice the price than the cheapest traditional coffee maker. However, as mentioned, companies are now coming down on their prices as more and more companies enter the market. If you look online, you could very well find a cheap K-cup machine, or single serving machine.

Compromised Taste:

This is only a problem if you don’t like a lot milk or creamer in your coffee. Honestly, if you handle cream or milk in your coffee on routine, you most likely won’t notice the taste difference.

That said, many single server machines are producing a quality blend and more choices.


Without a doubt, as the technology continues to evolve, these single serving coffee machines are as advertised and worth it. Not to mention, some companies are even making their models to produce bigger portions, therefore, giving you, the consumer, more options.

Regular coffee machines require more maintenance, and most of the good models are fairly expensive themselves. With single cup machines, you get the ability of ease, choice, simple cleaning, and most importantly, quality taste at your convenience.

If you do your research, and look at the market, you will find a great bargain in single serve coffee machines.

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