Single Serve Coffee Makers: Are They Really Worth It?

Single serve coffee makers are becoming incredibly popular, for several reasons. Having one of these machines in your home can help you to avoid the chaos of stopping every morning, being late to work, and of course, having your favorite brew to help you wake up!

People have their favorite blends, machines, and routines, and some will only go to their favorite coffee bistro’s. But it all comes down to choice and the evaluation of whether a single serve coffee maker really suits your lifestyle.

Benefits of a Single Serve Machine

You may be wondering what a single serve coffee maker can do for you, but what you don’t know is that there are multitudes of great things that you may not know about. Today these coffee makers have evolved into mini machines and are more versatile, which adds to their value.


Single serve coffee makers may seem expensive at first, but there are more manufacturers coming out with models in the $30 to $80 dollar range, which isn’t a bad price range if you think about the cost savings of traveling to get your daily fix. In addition, cost efficiency is involved with these single serve coffee machines.

Most have built-in filters which eliminate trips to the store for coffee filters. Second pods are available online at a better price than the grocery store. It’s a win, win because you don’t have to stand in line waiting to get your $3 cup of coffee which figures out to be over $29 a week. The money that you’ll be saving can’t be a downfall.

Easy to Clean and Simple to Use

One of the best features of a single serve machine is the ease of cleaning and ease of use. A manual isn’t required, however; it’s a good idea to refer back to the manual and read the warranties.

Many have the added feature of an LCD display, telling you how much to brew and how to brew. Then it’s a breeze because you just put your mug or dispenser in place and push a button to brew up a sweet cup of liquid gold. The machines are also equipped with lights that alert when to clean the machine. A bonus is that some models are even dishwasher safe.


Think about it this way… if you become impatient with customers in line that do not know what they want to drink, or the possibility of running late and being stuck in the coffee line while the person ahead of you is ordering for everyone in their office, then think of the worries you‘ll eliminate by owning a single serve coffee machine. These scenarios alone should constitute purchasing your own little coffee maker.

You can also bring these machines along on family vacations or trips as they’re not very bulky and they pack well. Another thing about single serve coffee machines is you don’t have to go through a coffee ritual anymore. Just add a coffee pod, press a few buttons and there’s your convenient cup of coffee.


The coffee maker industry has been revolutionized to the point that you’re now getting a coffee machine instead of a coffee maker, and for a reasonable price. There are many coffee machines that are expensive, but demand has driven down the price to the point that the average consumer can afford one. You can find a decent single serve for under a hundred bucks now.

Your time is valuable; think of all the extra time you’ll save. Purchase a  coffee machine and you can include others in on a coffee get-together. If you’re in a hurry, then grab and go because most of these machines now brew in advance. You’ll always have a hot cup of coffee at your disposal.

The Final Brew

There’s a variety of selling points for the indecisive when it comes to a single serve coffee maker. The product serves barista-style coffee to you right in your own home and many are easy to transport, so you can have coffee anywhere there’s electricity. The designs are updated, sleek, and attractive and serve a great cup of brew.

The machines are affordable, convenient, easy to use, and have value. Coffee has become a huge trend because of all the delicious varieties. The white macchiatos are out of this world and the espressos have a deep, sensational flavor. The technology alone has a person in awe and once you see how fast and easy that you can brew up a cup, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

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