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Best Coffee Percolators: No More Over-extraction!

It is hard to find the best coffee percolator. Why? It is because, nowadays, it is not the go-to coffee making machine of most people. Therefore, companies that make coffee percolators have not made any recent improvements to the design of a coffee percolator.

What does this mean? It means that, most probably, the coffee percolators of today still have the same design as the ones that people used way back. This fact makes it hard to choose a good coffee percolator because up until now, the same flaws of the ones back then are still the same problems that the present day coffee percolator has.

One of these major problems is over-extraction. This happens when, after brewing, water can still reach the brewing part of the percolator. In the process, already brewed coffee beans are brewed once again, which can alter the taste of the coffee.

With this in mind, of all the three coffee percolators that we are going to review today, the best one should not have this problem. So, are you a fan of coffee percolators? Read on to find out which coffee percolator will not over-extract your coffee beans!

The Farberware Coffee Percolator: A Classic

First up, we have a classic coffee percolator from Farberware. There are no frills in terms of the interior and exterior. In fact, this is the type of design that the early coffee percolators have. For this one, you can choose either an eight-cup or 12-cup stovetop percolator.

It is made of stainless steel that is heavy duty. At the same time, it has that classic mirror finish. The knob, however, is made of plastic. This is where you will see if the percolation is already underway. The handle also stays cool for safe handling and to make pouring easy.

As for its filter basket, it has a permanent one, so you do not have to buy paper filters consistently. Its interior, which they brand as “non-reactive”, is designed not to absorb any smell or taste. With this feature, you should expect your coffee to have a richer and fuller flavor when you use this coffee percolator.

The Pros

  • Best for medium and light roast
  • Sturdy and well-balanced
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to store
  • The coffee has a rich flavor
  • Heats up quickly
  • The filter can be reused

The Cons

  • Not that easy to use and master
  • Dark roast tend to have a burnt flavor
  • Just like any regular percolator, the knob will break at some point
  • Glass piece may easily break

The Colleti Bozeman Coffee Percolator: Absolute Sophistication

We now move on to a coffee percolator that removes the stigma that percolators are only used when camping. A quick glance at this percolator from Colleti and the words elegant, sophisticated, and even charming will pop in your mind. Do not be tricked, though, as the exterior is the only thing that was changed in the design.

Other than that, the interior is still like any regular percolator. This one allows you to brew up to nine cups of coffee at a time. It has a body that is made of 18/8 stainless steel and a knob that is made of glass. As for the handle, it is still made of steel, but it is encased with two pieces of wood.

This percolator comes with its own filter, which you can remove depending on your preferences. Using the filter would prevent coffee beans that are too finely ground from falling through the percolator basket. Like the first percolator we reviewed, this one is also dishwasher-safe.

The Pros

  • Looks nice and durable
  • Handle safeguards are effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Can make delicious coffee
  • Easy to use and personalize the taste of coffee
  • Can maintain the hot temperature
  • Instructions are really helpful
  • Great customer service

The Cons

  • Can be heavy
  • The glass piece can expand and shatter
  • Not that balanced
  • Cannot really brew nine regular cups
  • Will vibrate over a glass stovetop range

The Hamilton Beach Percolator: Sleek and Modern

Finally, we arrive at our last coffee percolator, and this time, we have a design that looks very modern. More than that, this is the only coffee percolator in this list that is not powered by manual heat. Yes, you heard that right. For this product, you can just plug it in like a modern-day coffee machine.

For the Hamilton Beach Percolator, a single brew can produce eight cups of coffee. At the same time, you will not wait long because it can instantly finish the process. Its heater will also keep the warm temperature of your brew.

In terms of appearance, it looks very different from a typical percolator. Its shape is somehow more circular, but the interior is pretty much the same. It is also made of stainless steel, and it has a plastic handle and a detachable cord. Moreover, it has a glass knob so you can see the percolation process.

The filter basket is made of stainless steel, so extremely fine coffee grounds will not go into your brew. Lastly, it has a ready-to-serve indicator light, and just like the other two percolators, you should expect a richer and stronger brew.

The Pros

  • Easy to clean and use
  • Has a lot of safeguards
  • Gets hot fast
  • Best for a coarse grind
  • Effectively keeps the coffee hot
  • Looks nice and durable
  • The plastic materials do not add to the taste of the coffee

The Cons

  • Hard to have a consistent tasting brew
  • Does not have a richer taste
  • Lack of spring inside makes for the beans to just swim around the pot
  • Once the electrical system breaks down (timing, perking, etc.) you have no way of brewing your coffee
  • Takes away the experience of percolating your coffee

Best Coffee Percolator: Which One Does Not Over-Extract?

When you look at all of the features, pros, and cons, the best coffee percolator, for us, is the Colleti Bozeman Coffee Percolator. We chose this one because not only does this coffee percolator can give a fuller and stronger tasting coffee, but its mechanism can also prevent over-extraction. How is this possible?

Their secret lies in the fact that it is user-friendly. You see, percolation relies heavily on the mastery of the user to brew coffee. So, in the case of this one from Colleti, it is extremely easy to manage its features, which, therefore, means that percolation is always done right.

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