5 Best Medium Roast Coffee Brands for Coffee Lovers

If you love a great cup of medium roast coffee check out the 5 best medium roast coffee brands on the market. Because medium roast coffee is a bit darker than light roast, your palate will enjoy the natural flavors that are created from the roast. You can experiment with a coffee roaster with coffee beans, on your own or purchase a bag of medium roast coffee and brew yourself a fantastic cup of coffee.

A medium roast coffee blend is fruitier than a dark roast blend of coffee. The dark roasts tend to have more chocolate tones than a medium roast coffee and since many coffee shops have now closed due to the Covid- 19 restrictions, the ability to make morning coffee at home is on the priority list. Many people work from home now so that cup of java in the morning is something millions of people look forward to.

Lungo Latino Mezzo
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk froth
Atomic Space Cadet
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
Peaberry Medium Roast
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother

5 Best Medium Roast Coffee Brands

1) Lungo Latino Mezzo

Why is it the best?

  • Smooth, creamy taste with fruity undertones.
  • Flavor pairs well with any food, occasion, or situation.

Lungo Latino’s medium roast coffee blend has a mild taste that develops a rich cream with fruity undertones. The roast is considered well balanced and the beans grow in the South and Central America region. The beans are Arabica and have an added mix of Vietnamese Robusta. This blend comes in capsule form and is designed for the original Nespresso line only.

Lungo Latino is classified as a medium roast coffee with an intensity level from 6 to 10. There’s 65 mg of caffeine in the entire contents of the package. The brand name is Gourmesso and while some people complain Lungo’s coffee is too bitter, this cup of mezzo coffee is considered to be very smooth. The coffee is described as soft and no sugar is needed because of the smooth flavor of the blend.

Lungo Latino Mezzo is reasonably priced and the capsules do produce a larger cup of brew.  The flavor is described as paired well with all kinds of food, music, and moods. Some people dip a buttered slice of brioche into the hot cup of this blend by Lungo, because it’s considered old-school french. Grab a box of capsules online and play some mellow music and relax before a romantic fire, while you savor the smoothness of this blend.

2) Space Cadet – Atomic

Why is it the best?

  • Great for a cold and hot brew
  • Tastes like clementine, nougat, and burnt sugar

Atomic Boast claims that this brand is their favorite cold brew blend. The fresh aroma of clementine oranges, nougat, and burnt sugar will draw you towards pouring a cup of this brew as soon as it’s ready. “GoCoffeeGo” brand arrives in the whole roasted bean format and is caffeinated. The beans come from Ethiopia, Honduras, and Nicaragua and are fully washed and processed.

Atomic considers this medium roast coffee the best for cold brewing and roasting is a part of their daily schedule, while orders are sent out the same day of roasting. The name Space Cadet refers to the infinite form of a galaxy. Therefore, they don’t follow any specific rules because they believed long ago in another galaxy, the perfect blend of coffees was born. This means you can brew up your blend of Space Cadet any way you like. Atomic also has a team that tests for the specific tastes and aromas of clementine oranges, nougat, and burnt sugar.

Atomic Space Cadet has great reviews and is considered the by far best brew made by many consumers. It’s because the roast is smooth and so sweet that some are tempted to drink the coffee in concentrate form. There is no acidity and in a cup of brewed Space Cadet, and you will experience a real sweet, fruity aftertaste! Check it out and leave your own reviews for Atomic’s Space Cadet’s medium roast blend.

3) Peaberry Medium Roast – 100% Kona Coffee

Why is it the best?

  • Made from cherries
  • Rare coffee

Peaberry offers this medium roast as 100% Kona coffee and the product is available online.  Peaberry offers 2 ounce, 8ounce, and one-pound bags of the rarest coffee you ever will drink. Consumers can subscribe online, receive a discount even though the coffee is reasonably priced and also has excellent reviews!

Peaberry claims that most coffee cherries have two beans that are flat and face each other within the cherry. In addition, there are 3 to 5% of coffee cherries that only contain one small oval bean and this is the peaberry coffee bean. Nature is what makes the Peaberry brand rare because out of every 100 bags of Kona coffee, only 3 to 5 bags will be Peaberry!

Anyone that is a medium roast coffee lover should try a bag of Peaberry Kona Coffee beans. Why not test the exhilarating taste and aroma of it. You will have a sweet taste left on your breath for that significant other of yours! For those of you that love the rare taste of Peabody coffee, take advantage of this great opportunity!

4) Wild at Heart Coffee Blend

Why is it the best?

  • Spicy flavoring
  • Available in decaf and regular

Wild at Heart talks about the fact that their coffee is handcrafted and comes in regular and decaf. You have the choice to choose the texture that you like your coffee beans ground. Wild at Heart company touts a mild yet spicy, malty nut flavor with a distinct aroma. The company boasts of a darker medium roast for starters of your favorite cup of java!

The blend is available in regular and decaf and arrives in a 12-ounce package. The flavor is described as distinct and a full-flavored full coffee, yet spicy malty, and nutty. Wild at Heart uses the Swiss Water Method for processing its decaf blend.

Wild at Heart notes that their brands are from certified organic coffee plantations and the ripe flavors are chemical-free of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. They are concerned about the natural process of the earth, the health of the growers, and the environmental effects. If you love trying something new, purchase a roast by Wild at Heart and savor the aroma of brewing a fine cup of Joe.

5) Panama Coffee – Volcanica

Why is it the best?

  • Kosher certified
  • Washed processing

A cup of Panama medium roast is like sinking your taste buds into a full body of caramel and fig. The coffee is described as clean so that means you’re consuming a clean, fresh-tasting cup of medium roast in the morning.  This sounds like a great way to start your day for medium roast coffee lovers.

As the name describes, Panama medium roast was brewed in Panama. This is a Kosher-certified coffee brand and also has the perfect method down for drying on the patio and through a mechanical process. For a coffee that is grown at tremendous altitudes, it is clearly one of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medium Roast Coffee?

The blends are medium brown in color and have no oil on the surface of the beans.  Medium blends are sweeter than light roasts and have more body with a well-balanced acidity level. This roast is more harmonious because of the smooth flavors, resulting from the natural roast.

What Do Different Roasts of Coffee Mean?

The darker the coffee, the more of the natural flavor of the taste is lost. This is when the flavors occur from the roasting methods. Light roasts are more acidic while the beans are dry. The darker the roast, the intensity of the caffeine rises due to the oilier nature of the beans in a darker roast. 

How Does One Choose the Perfect Medium Roast Coffee?

You have to look at the blend for the roast level, a breakfast blend would usually be a medium roast with a mild taste, while a darker roast would teeter on being a french roasted coffee. The best thing to do is try samples of roasts and choose the tastes that work for you.

What Should the Temperature of Water Be For Brewing?

Look at it this way, the higher the water temperature, the more solvency for the brewing process. This means that the hotter the water, the quicker the chemicals break down to extract the delicious flavors from the coffee.

How Does a Person Adjust the Brew to a Favorite level of Intensity?

When you brew coffee, you are also adjusting many molecules, so keep your roast profile in mind so you have the correct water to coffee ratio. There are no standards for brewing light. Medium or dark roasts, however; remember what your favorite flavors are that you want to achieve and adjust accordingly.

Final Brew - Best medium roast blends

The Final Brew

Roasted coffee is divided into dark, medium, and light and a medium blend contains more chocolate, nougat, and nutty undertones. If you enjoy your coffee as a medium blend, make sure you adjust the water ratio to coffee ratio accordingly to get the flavor you’re looking for.  All blends have something people love, it depends on what you crave in a cup of Java and whether you roast your beans or buy them already roasted. The end result always turns out into a dreamy, creamy cup of Joe.

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