Cappuccino-vs-Latte-vs-Macchiato-vs-Mocha: The Coffee “Hunger Games”

There are many different types of coffee out there. You can order an espresso, a standard drip coffee, or something even fancier at your local coffee shop. When it comes to the coffee “Hunger Games” (only one will be left standing!) the real competition is between cappuccino-vs-latte-vs-macchiato-vs-mocha. Are you ready to see which one is the best?

Let’s Start With Cappuccino

Cappuccino consists of two main components – double espresso and steamed foamed milk. Some versions of this classic Italian drink contain a heavier form of milk – cream – and add some additional flavoring in the form of cinnamon and chocolate, usually in powdered form. Although this sounds like an odd combination of things, the results are a fairly tasty form of coffee. However, cappuccinos are usually smaller in size than other coffee drinks, normally because they consist of quite a bit of espresso. Basically, their caffeinated punch makes up for their size.

Now For the Next Contestant: Latte

A latte is somewhat similar to cappuccino, as it contains both steam milk and espresso. However, the differences lie in the singular dose of espresso and the lack of foamed milk. Latte drinks tend to be larger than cappuccinos, and they contain less caffeine. However, other versions of the drink are possible as the espresso can be substituted out in favor of teas, like chai or matcha. Cow’s milk can be replaced with either almond milk or soy milk in a latte as well. The many variations make the latte a contender.

Don’t Forget About the Macchiato

There are two different types of macchiato. One is a latte macchiato, which contains quite a bit of foamed milk and some espresso. This has much less caffeine than a traditional latte. The other version is called an espresso macchiato, since it consists of plenty of strong coffee to which a tiny bit of milk has been added. When ordering one, you need to be specific about which type you want, as one contains far more caffeine than the other. Maybe the macchiato is the winner for this reason?

Last But Not Least, the Mocha

A mocha is quite different than the other drinks, as it contains chocolate. Yes, chocolate can be added to a cappuccino, but in that drink, it’s just an option. In the mocha, there is no such option. The mocha, one of the competitors in the contest, is made from espresso, milk (hot and not foamed), and chocolate, usually cocoa powder or syrup. There might also be some chocolate shavings on top. Perhaps the chocolate flavoring that gives the mocha its name makes it the winner of the match?

So, in the battle, there can only be one winner. Or can there? Is it likely that all of these types of coffee each have their own merits that make choosing just one practically impossible? Yes. In fact, coffee lovers everywhere switch between their favorites on a regular basis. Why don’t you join them?

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