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French press coffee port and cup

Kitchen Supreme French Press Review

What if your coffee maker can also do a lot of things? We are talking about making a frappuccino, mixing lemonade, or even rinsing quinoa for your salad. That sounds impossible and even weird, but this is the concept that the Kitchen Supreme French Press is trying to sell to […]

Chinook Timberline Coffee Percolator Your Coffee Buddy

Chinook Timberline Coffee Percolator: Your Coffee Buddy

Good coffee percolators are hard to come by. More often than not, the problem stems from the fact that some pieces will eventually break down. Well, this cannot be easily remedied as coffee percolators are usually subjected to direct heat. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if there is a percolator […]

Coffee Percolator set

Best Coffee Percolators: No More Over-extraction!

It is hard to find the best coffee percolator. Why? It is because, nowadays, it is not the go-to coffee making machine of most people. Therefore, companies that make coffee percolators have not made any recent improvements to the design of a coffee percolator. What does this mean? It means […]