The Delonghi EC 702 Reviewed for Great Taste, Durability, and Value

The Delonghi EC 702 is a great coffee maker that will trip your trigger. Delonghi is known for its coffee makers and their incredible technology that is built within. There are many products to choose from if you are shopping for a good solid coffee machine, but this is a choice that Pick and Brew will stand behind.

The Delonghi EC 702 is a product that brews espresso and cappuccino at the perfect temperature and the reviews alone can speak for that. This machine is very durable and with two thermostats, you can control water and steam pressure separately.

Delonghi EC 702

The Delonghi EC 702 Reviewed for Great Taste, Durability, and Value

Delonghi is known for its coffee makers and their incredible technology that is built within.

One or Two Espresso Shots

The Delonghi EC 702 allows you to select one or two espresso shots at a time. This is because of the 3-in-1 filter design. You can use luxury pods, which is great when you are busy in the morning. This product is also equipped with double-wall filters, which allow you to make top-notch crema for your beverages.

The Delonghi EC 702 also offers a milk frother in order for you to make that tasty, rich crema! Crema is a nice added touch for your cappuccino or espresso because it melts in your mouth and has a rich flavor. The Delonghi EC 702 will prepare your coffee beverages quickly and the machine is easy to use.


Now you can make crema, the way you want to. The Delonghi EC 702 claims that it’s your way or the highway when it comes to making foam for your coffee beverages, this means you can create the texture and density of the foam the way your family enjoys it.

Got a picky partner? No worries about the foaming feature because you can whip the foam up the way anyone likes it. This feature is what makes the Delonghi EC 702 a must-have and the price fits any budget.

Removable Water Tank

The Delonghi EC 702 has a 44 ounce, 1.3-liter removable water tank. This makes it easy to remove the tank and refill the water. The machine is designed for beginners to experienced coffee connoisseurs. A word of advice, don’t use the machine when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the machine is exposed to those temps.

A removable water tank is just another way to make your life easier. When you have those very busy mornings, it only takes a matter of seconds to remove the water tank and start making the brew! This is another good reason to check out this product and read the reviews yourself!

Miscellaneous Features

The Delonghi EC 702 has 15 bars of pressure for maximum output, and the machine automatically self-primes. The water indicator tells you when you need to add water. The filter holder is patented and there’s an easy on/off switch.

The frothier is also patented, so you can create your own cappuccinos and lattes. How sweet is that? The Delonghi EC 702 is durable, easy to use, easy to clean, has temperature control, blending power, and it’s a perfect buy for anyone.

Put your dreams about the perfect cup of coffee into the past and buy the Delonghi EC 702! You will never regret the purchase and will always be in control as a great hostess with this product. Your friends will ask you when they can come over again for another cup because the Delonghi EC 702 is just that good.


So we know that the Delonghi EC 702 brews espresso and cappuccino at the perfect temperature. There are two thermostats for water and steam that you can control separately. You can enjoy this machine for years while having fun enjoying the end result. You will love the delicious espresso and coffees for many years because of the durable, high-tech stainless steel boiler and all of the other added benefits.

This machine is easy to use and easy to clean. The Delonghi EC 702 also has a removable 44-ounce water tank, with a drip tray and a convenient indicator light that shows when cleaning is due. You can use ground coffee or the pods as well with the patented dual-function holder.

The Delonghi EC 702 makes trend coffees, espresso, and cappuccino, just the way you want your beverages to taste. Invite some friends over and use your machine to brew up the best coffee beverages and have them help with the frothing. They can design their own delicious, rich crema for their beverage of choice. 

This product alone is worth the investment because this is a machine you will have for years and all it takes is some simple maintenance. Many good memories have been made over a cup of brew on a nice wintery morning.

The Delonghi EC 702 is also very quiet when brewing up a great cup of any coffee beverage. You won’t hear the loud sounds of coffee makers you might have purchased in the past. This is a great feature because all you have to do is add the pods and wait. You won’t hear a peep from this baby!

Delonghi EC 702 - The Final Brew

The Final Brew of the Delonghi EC 702

Now that you have read this review, you probably are wondering about the final product. Every cup you brew out of the Delonghi EC 702, tastes as good as the last cup. You will never find a faulty coffee beverage because this machine was designed to please your taste buds.

The double thermostats combined with the double boil system allow you to make two cups of two different trends of coffee in a few minutes. In a hurry? No worries! The Delonghi EC 702 has a removable water tank so you can easily add water and pods or ground coffee and create your favorite coffee drink.

Delonghi worked hard when they made this model. The idea was to make the machine easy to use and easy to clean. It’s like being a kid on Christmas morning when you own the Delonghi EC 702. Every morning you will jump out of bed and rush downstairs and create a brew that tastes as fine as any retail coffee outlet.

Enjoy the birds on a spring morning, while taking a few moments to practice some mindfulness while sipping the brew you just made. Relax and melt into the perfect cup of your style. The expectations of the Delonghi EC 702 will meet every one of yours and since the price is so reasonable, there is no way that you can’t fit this product into your budget! Sip and enjoy your espresso and inhale the wonderful aroma of your favorite coffee!

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