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The Home Grinder that is Like a Commercial: Baratza Preciso Review

When I started grinding my own coffee, I was amazed at how much money I saved. Since I was a heavy coffee drinker, buying coffee beans instead of ground coffee was an eye-opener to more than just saving money. I used to buy coffee that was already ground but then I found out that the reason it turned bitter tasting was because once the air hits the grounds, oxidization sets in and the taste changes for the worse.

As many of you have already discovered, having a grinder was the answer to having fresh coffee grounds as long as you grind whole coffee beans right before brewing. Perhaps you then discovered how much more you loved espresso than regular coffee, just as I did. If you haven’t discovered this yet, there are a few things that convinced me to switch.

Espresso vs Drip Coffee?

One was that espresso has less caffeine than drip coffee because even though espresso is higher in caffeine per ounce, a serving size has less ounces than a typical cup of coffee. However, you can usually feel that caffeine buzz sooner with espresso because you normally drink it faster than brewed coffee that you sip.

Another thing I didn’t know was that those delicious Latte, Frappe and Cappuccinos are made from espresso. After learning all this, I started looking for a grinder that would work well for what I wanted. But then I realized how many different brands and types of grinders there are and it was rather overwhelming.

How it all started

I was amazed when I discovered the Baratza Preciso has so many adjustments and settings that it could be a commercial grinder but yet doesn’t cost as much. Buying such a grinder is the best investment you can make besides buying an espresso machine. So if you are an espresso lover like me, consider getting the Preciso so you can become a pro at making espresso like a café pro.

When I first got my Preciso, I couldn’t wait to get off work to go home and play with making all kinds of blends for the most perfect taste. Discovering the different tastes I could get with my Preciso grinder was worth celebrating so I decided to put my barista skills to the test and throw a party.

I called my party the “Big Bang Brewing Bash” partially because I’m a fan of the Big Bang sitcom show about a few hilariously funny scientists. Also, the Baratza Preciso has been referred to as the “mad coffee scientist grinder” because of the outrageous but unsurpassed amount of adjustment settings that can be made for different coffee or espresso blends.

Most ordinary people would never use so many adjustments but it’s good to know they are there for those of you who want to go mad showing off your barista skills, which is exactly what I did at my party and my friends were so impressed that many of them bought a Baratza Preciso the very next day.

Why the name “Baratza Preciso”?

Baratza knew what they were doing when they named this grinder the Preciso. The name Preciso is Spanish and means precise or exact and this grinder certainly lives up to its name by giving you precisely or exactly the grind needed to make the best tasting brew no matter how you brew it.

The name of the company Baratza comes from a term in Arabic and Swahili for a place where the locals meet to drink coffee. It is located in the epicenter of espresso, Seattle, Washington, and has become known for its high-quality, state-of-the-art and innovational coffee grinders.

In order to share with you why so many are impressed by this unique coffee grinder, we are presenting to you this Baratza Preciso review. If there are any terms you need explained or if you want more details, click here Baratza’s website.


Here are some of its many features and benefits of the Baratza Preciso:

  • Offers 40 grind adjustment options with 11 micro options making a total of over 400 settings
  • The macro adjusts quickly from fine for espresso to course for French Press
  • The micro adjusts the shot time by as little as one second
  • Does an exceptional job for espresso and manual pour methods
  • The micro adjusts further dividing macros giving you a grind range of 200 to 1170 microns
  • Excellent at bringing out the exotic flavors of African coffee
  • Exceptional for espresso having unmatched grind control
  • Comes with PortaHolder that allows hands-free grinding into most portafilters
  • Motor is quiet and stays cool for long grinding jobs and it has an automatic shut off
  • Available accessories of Esatto Scale for weighing precisely to the milligram and a hopper extender to add 9 oz of bean capacity


  • Good for experimenting with different tastes with so many macro/micro settings
  • It is super powerful and one of the fastest grinders (1.5 to 2.4 g/sec ) for its size and price
  • Its burrs turn at 450 RPM producing less heat which improves taste retention
  • Consistent grind every time due to 40mm conical steel burrs
  • It has a 60-second timer so grinds can be easily repeated
  • No tools needed to disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Customer support is easy to work with and always responds quickly


  • Plastic parts tend to wear out within a year
  • The timer knob falls off easily
  • Some customers felt it was not calibrated correctly for espresso
  • Excessive grinds can cause a mess on your countertop

To make it easier, you can watch a video of how to use your Preciso here:


The Baratza Preciso certainly is a unique grinder that is priced reasonably in comparison to some of the other brands. It is true that the plastic parts can wear out quickly but they can be replaced for little cost. With all the macro and micro adjustments, you may feel it would be too complicated to learn but once you get the hang of it, you will love it. May the information in this Baratza Preciso Review be useful to you for finding the perfect grinder that will bring you several cups of your favorite brew.

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