The Jura A1 Black Reviewed and Why It Is The Best

Jura has another great coffee maker on the market called the Jura A1. This machine is one of their amazing, sleek, and modern innovations that’s been introduced onto the market. For coffee lovers, this is a must-have machine considering the advantages and features that it has to offer over your traditional coffee makers. There will never be any disappointment owning this beast.

Get on board because the Jura A1 also is available in white as well and looks super sleek. With that said, this model also offers some of the magnificent features that Jura is known for, such as the water systems, built-in grinder, and more. This is a compact coffee maker and Jura claims this one-cup machine guarantees that size doesn’t matter when it comes to making that perfect cup of joe, that you will love.

Jura A1

The Jura A1 Black Reviewed and Why It Is The Best

This machine is one of their amazing, sleek, and modern innovations that’s been introduced onto the market.

AromaG3 Grinder

The Jura A1 offers a built-in grinder as well, allowing you to make an enjoyably fresh cup of coffee to perk you up and start your day off right. The AromaG3 grinder is twice as fast and preserves the full aroma of your coffee choice. You can grind fresh coffee beans right inside the machine to produce the best coffee you will ever taste. The design is Swiss engineered and has a stainless steel thermoblock heater and a 37-ounce reservoir. How cool is that for automatic grinding of whole beans and coarse coffee at the touch of a button?

Jura makes this feature so it is simple for the consumer to use and with more people working from home, it’s economic and quick once you put the beans into the Aroma G3 Grinder. All you have to do is push a button and the Jura A1 will do the rest for you. The result is the intrigue of the aroma and the perfect release of the best coffee or any specialty drink that requires coffee beans.

Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P.

The Pulse Extraction Process is one of a kind in the Jura line of coffee makers. This feature ensures the optimum extraction time by pushing the hot water through your ground coffee at a higher frequency. This mechanism is great for a short coffee like espresso or ristretto. P.E.P is a unique innovation that lets the flavors simmer fully until they unfold the natural flavors of the grounds to give you that perfect cup of espresso.

The Jura A1 (white) has an energy-efficient design using only 1450 watts of power. Jura has patented the P.E.P system because they have revolutionized the coffee machine industry with their great innovative technology. You won’t find another coffee maker out there that’s perfected the cup of traditional coffee and intensified the flavors and aroma that many have been absent for years.

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (IPBAS)

The IPBAS is a pre brew feature that has perfected pre brew specialty coffee brewing. This process creates maximum flavor from all blends and roast coffee. The P.E.P function combined with the IPBAS feature promotes extraction quickly by forcing hot water through your ground coffee, to create the unique aroma and flavor that coffee lovers have been searching for. If you savor the aroma of brewing coffee then this model is for you because Jura has done it all!

This model has a bean hopper with a 4-ounce capacity and a powerful pump created to produce 15 bars of pressure. There are so many varieties of coffee beans available and so many different options as far as roasting and intensity of the level. The intensity levels are programmed into the model and with a push of a button, you can change the intensity level. This key feature ensures that the IPBAS design has already perfected your specialty brew through the pre brew system. Each Jura coffee maker is designed for the needs of the coffee connoisseur and this model has both the P.EP. and Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System. 

Value of the Jura A1

Jura has top-of-the-line innovation and technology and is known for revolutionizing the coffee maker industry. The Jura A1 has two intensity levels that will assure you that every cup of ristretto and espresso is brewed to absolute perfection. Jura also added efficiencies to the Jura A1 by perfecting the cutting angle in the grinding cone.

By doing this they significantly increased the efficiency of the Jura A1. This model is twice as fast and cuts grinding time in half, while still guaranteeing the sensational aroma of the brew.  The Jura A1 was also designed for someone on the go. The instructions are simplified and use the Jura app to start your cup brewing for when you wake up or on your way out. This is how you get that perfect taste without waiting!

The setup is simplified so it’s now possible to brew specialty coffee in three different cup sizes and two regular coffee strengths by touching a button. The Jura A1 has a panel with programmable options and an energy-saving mode, and you can program that automatically to turn off the switch. Just program your cup size, coffee strength and grab that cup of perfect coffee and go! You can also be at ease, knowing you never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your coffee maker when you leave for the day.

Final Brew - Jura A1

Final Brew of the Jura A1

The Jura A1 produces amazing results with a touch of a button. It’s easy to program and use so your coffee is ready in no time and you’re out the door in a flash. You also know that you are getting the cup of coffee you have been dreaming about with perfect water, fresh ground beans, and more. The Jura A1 proves that size doesn’t matter and the one cup compact coffee maker designs the same specialty brew as their larger size coffee makers. 

Jura claims this is the perfect machine for people that are new to high-end specialty coffee drinks because this model was designed for novices and is labeled for “Coffee Purists”! So here it is, if you are new to this type of coffee maker innovation, you can brew a perfect cup of ristretto or espresso, that tastes as great as your favorite “barista” can brew. There are so many different types of beans available as well so you can try hints of chocolate, nougat, caramel, fruity, vanilla, etc..using the Jura line of coffee makers.

There’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a two-year warranty, the lowest price is guaranteed and free shipping is included in the United States. The coffee maker weighs about 20 pounds, is swiss engineered, has the Clearyl blue water patent, height-adjustable coffee spouts, is programmable with a strength setting of 6 to 10 grams of coffee The coffee maker also has a drip tray and waste drawer, so this is spectacular and a good investment.

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