The Jura D6 Reviewed and Why It Is One of the Best

If you are looking for a fulfilling coffee experience, the Jura D6 is the model for you. This specific model has a lot of features that the other Jura products offer, with a more affordable price tag. The Jura D6 is the perfect option for any kitchen and will leave your tastebuds feeling satisfied, for years to come.

The Jura D6 is just as amazing as its siblings and guarantees a perfect cup of espresso in a matter of minutes. Most Jura products have a Pulse Extraction Process and Aroma 3 grinders that are already installed in the coffee machine. These are the 2 components that are available in every model, and these 2 components work together to produce that cup of java you have been searching for, for years.

Jura D6

The Jura D6 Reviewed and Why It Is One of the Best

This specific model has a lot of features that the other Jura products offer, with a more affordable price tag.

Clearyl Smart Filter

The Clearyl Smart Filter is a key feature with Jura and all of their models. The Clearyl Filter is important because it removes harsh chemicals, heavy metals like chlorine, aluminum, and copper from tap water. This is to ensure better-tasting coffee. There are also cleaning tablets you can order to clean the filter area, along with new filters. This filter is known to help with the longevity of the coffee machine, as well as creating a healthier cup of coffee.

Tap water ruins your coffee maker if you use it frequently, and coffee makers last generally a year from hard water and conk out. Think of the yearly expense of a coffee maker, when you could have a state-of-the-art automatic coffee machine!

Brewing Spouts

A great key feature is Jura’s brewing spout on the Jura D6 design. The spouts can be adjusted for height for larger cups or mugs of coffee. The spout for brewing is on the front of the machine and the coffee flows through the brew group, prior to coming out of the spout.

If regular maintenance is not kept up on the Jura D6, you can see these spouts become clogged. In the event that you need to clean your spouts well, there is an option to purchase cleaning tablets to prolong the life of your spouts.

Built in Aroma G 2 Grinder

The Aroma G2 Grinder is built right into the coffee machine. The grinder is one of the main components of taste. The grinder preserves the subtle hints of different flavors and produces the perfect barista-style cup. People savor every last drop and boast about their experience to their friends. That’s how confident Jura is about its products.

The Aroma G2 grinder works with the Pulse Extraction Process known as P.E.P and uses short bursts of hot water to extract the flavors from the ground coffee beans. The process sounds amazing when it comes to the research and technology that went into the design of the Jura D6.


The Jura D6 makes seven programmable beverages with one touch of a button. The machine is capable of making espresso, or 2 espresso coffees, 2 regular coffees, a cappuccino, milk foam, and hot water for teas. There are four levels of adjustable strengths that are programmable and two levels of adjustable, programmable brewing, and hot water temperatures. This machine also has a programmable off-switch.

The programmable features are another huge selling point for Jura because they believe in elegance and simplicity. The milk foam feature lets you pour milk to produce a fine frothy foam for your specialty beverage. A glass pitcher that holds up to 20-ounces of fresh milk is also available for purchase as an add-on. 

Thermoblock System

The Thermo block heating system is another great feature for the Jura D6. This feature is available with all models of the Jura line and is designed to heat water quickly to the correct brewing temperature. This is also another key component that is installed inside of the Jura D6. Everyone loves to have that perfect cup of brew that’s served at the right temperature.

The Thermo block system works with the 15 bar power pump in order to deliver what the consumer wants, a delicious cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and specialty coffee every time. The Jura D6 also has an automatic energy-saving mode and the zero-energy switch proves that Jura is serious about conserving resources like water.

Value of the Jura D6

The value of the Jura D6 is outstanding and with the programmable modes for strength, customization of coffee beverages, and the Clearyl Smart water system, consumers are in for a real bargain. The Pulse Extraction Process works with all the key features to deliver you a wonderful taste, every time.

The Aroma 2 grinder allows you to grind your own coffee beans and the P.E.P extracts all the subtle hints of your favorite flavors and delivers you a delicious cup of flavor. The reviews are all 5-star ratings on the Jura D6 and you can easily order all parts and accessories as needed.

Remember to use a microfiber cloth to wipe down and clean your coffee machine. You can empty the coffee grounds, the container, and the drip tray and simply wash under running water. The programmable display also tells you when it’s time to clean the coffee machine, rinse the milk system, and change the filter. How cool is that for an automatic barista-style coffee machine?

The Jura D6 is up to North American electrical standards and is intended for use in the United States and Canada. The machine weighs 19.2 pounds and has a two-year warranty. Your order will come with an automatic coffee machine, milk frother, replacement filter, drip tray, and coffee scoop. Almost everything you need to get started!

The Final Brew of the Jura D6

Jura D6 - The Final Brew

If you love barista-style coffee, you are just a button away from purchasing the Jura D6 streamlined automatic coffee machine. The dials are intuitively designed for the programmable display. A very simple display guide teaches you how to program seven different coffees! This also includes cappuccino, milk foam, and hot water if you want a cup of tea, too!

You can’t go wrong with the Thermo block heating system, aroma G2 grinder, and 15 bar pump. Every cup of coffee is superb with the Jura D6 and this machine is perfect for coffee purists. The P.E.P is the main component that serves your coffee “barista-style”, with exceptional quality.

The end result is the final brew and the cup you look forward to having. You can also use large mugs and keep your coffee hot when you’re on the go. Download the Jura app and program your coffee machine from wherever you are and your perfect cup will be ready upon your arrival. Pick and Brew did the research, you just need to sit back and enjoy!

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