Jura E6 Platinum Reviewed and Why It Is a Great Buy!

The Jura E6 Platinum is another stunning design created by Jura. This coffee maker is exquisite and comes with many features. If you’re a coffee lover and want to grab a cup and go, you’re in luck because the whole line of coffee makers allows you to do just that. The coffee makers are patented and are programmable, so whether you love espresso, ristretto, specialty coffee, etc.., consider purchasing one of the Jura coffee makers to see for yourself.

There are features that you will find with Jura brand coffee makers and they are the Clearyl Smart water system, the Aroma G3 Grinder, along with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). By using Clearyl water, it eliminates limescale and hard metals that destroy coffee makers. The P.E.P feature extracts the flavors and intensifies them by bringing out subtle hints of the flavor. The automatic grinder grinds either whole beans or coarser coffee grounds so you will never see a coffee ground floating in your cup. All 3 of these features work together to give you the most perfect cup of coffee on the planet. Read on to find out more that Pick and Brew have uncovered!

Jura E6 Platinum

Jura E6 Platinum Reviewed and Why It Is a Great Buy!

This coffee maker is exquisite and comes with many features.

Pulse Extraction Process

The Pulse Extraction process or P.E.P as called locates the filter in the coffee maker and starts extracting the aroma by shooting short bursts of hot water while the cup is brewing. This is a great method because you will never smell a better aroma than what Jura can do for you. The P.E.P feature is only patented by Jura, so there is no other coffee maker that can compete with Jura.

If you are having a party or just discussing memories over a cup of coffee, as soon as your friends smell the aroma, they will automatically detect that something is more distinct in the smell. This process is so important to Jura so that every cup including specialty drinks will taste just like the cup before it. Jura has designed this process and guarantees that all coffee and specialty coffees you make are perfected to barista style standards.

Clearyl Water System

The Clearyl Smart Water filter cartridge is included and you will receive 6 tablets for the cleaning system which is a 2 phase system. Clearyl Water Filters supply perfect water for the best possible flavor. There is also protection guaranteed to protect the coffee maker from limescale and remove other substances like hard metals that are the culprits for impairing the flavor and the aroma of the coffee.

The P.E.P and the Clearyl Water System are revolutionizing the coffee maker industry. Jura has the only patents for this line of many choices of coffee makers. The Jura 6 Platinum is an extremely elegant machine. The Jura E6 has a coffee spout with dual coffee and milk foam spouts that can whip you up a cappuccino without moving the cup. The Jura E6 can also make two drinks at a time, so it’s perfect for couples that are having people over.

Easy and Simple

The Jura E6 has easy and simple instructions. The buttons are on the front of the coffee maker so you can make a fast cup of your style of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and the milk buttons are located on the front of the machine for your convenience. The milk button creates a feathery frother that tastes just like Barista-style coffee.

Products needed are available online like extra filters and clean espresso machine tablets. This coffee maker has a high rating and the tablets and filters are reasonable. The highest rating is a simple phrase called “easy to use”. Give it a try because Jura offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Value of Jura E6

The Jura E6 is a very handsome and elegant-looking coffee maker. This product comes with an automatic coffee center, it’s platinum in color, a filter cartridge, cleaning products, frother pitcher coffee beans, and 2 ceramic cups and saucers. This is really a sweet deal and think of all the money you will save by eliminating the drive to a coffee chain establishment. 

The frothing pitcher holds up to 20 ounces and you can make 2 different styles of coffee at once! The Jura E6 has guaranteed the most subtle hints of flavor and the taste of coffee is preserved with the combination of their patented key features. Parts are also available for the Jura Blue Water filter which Jura believes is critical, so your machine runs efficiently at all times. The water filter is one of the 3 key components for keeping out harmful substances that harm a coffee maker.

Final Brew - Jura E6

The Final Brew on the Jura E6

Are you dying for a great cup of brew and are you a coffee connoisseur? If you are then try one of the many Jura lines of coffee makers that fit your needs. If you love to entertain, then this is the machine for you. You can brew up a boatload of all kinds of coffee specialty drinks in a matter of minutes and the aroma alone will make your taste buds water. Coffee has become a healthy beverage, the old preservatives of marketed grocery store coffees are losing popularity because consumers are looking for a healthier coffee drink without the chemicals. 

Years ago paint thinner was added to the ingredients of coffee while processing the beans, while the smell of the drink was enticing, people were putting harmful ingredients into their bodies. If you purchase your coffee from a grocery store, some brands still use paint thinner so check the package before you buy it. Luckily the brands are now required to list all of their ingredients.

Take a walk on the wild side and break old traditions for the new. There are many great conversations that have occurred over a cup of coffee, so why not make the coffee a good memory and have a cup of the best coffee you ever will taste! Purchase a Jura E6 Platinum model and have an exciting time.

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