The Jura Giga X7 Reviewed and All Of The Reasons You Need This Machine

The Jura Giga X7 is another product that has been created for coffee lovers, alike. The Jura brand speaks for itself and is well known for its state-of-the-art coffee machines. The Jura Giga X7 is not any different and will keep you satisfied cup after cup.

The Jura Giga X7 redefines the pleasure of drinking coffee with the combination of two grinders, two heating systems, and a fluid system, so that you’re guaranteed a professional cup of coffee. This machine is user-friendly and has excellent quality when it comes to the preparation of delicious ristretto, espresso, macchiato, cafe crema, and latte macchiato.

Jura Giga X7

The Jura Giga X7 Reviewed and All Of The Reasons You Need This Machine

The Jura Giga X7 redefines the pleasure of drinking coffee with the combination of two grinders, two heating systems, and a fluid system, so that you’re guaranteed a professional cup of coffee.

Ingenious Creation

The Jura Giga X7 is a coffee maker but a machine that can think for itself with a simple control concept. This model includes a mounted ball bearing rotary switch and TFT display for maximum speed and efficiency. The Jura Giga X7 also has the ability to prepare 28 specialty drinks with a bonus of 12 programmable barista coffee beverage recipes.

Jura has gone to great lengths to revolutionize the coffee industry with its automated line of coffee machines. Coffee lovers are following new coffee trends and Jura plans to be at the top of the list for these awesome machines that can keep kicking out one cup of coffee that’s as good as the last cup.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Jura has gone the extra mile to make these machines easy to use and easy to clean. They have perfected their maintenance system and all you have to do is touch a button. A warning light comes on to let you know when the machine needs to be cleaned and the Clearyl Smart water system helps prevent hard minerals and limescale from ruining the machine.

Jura studied how to design these machines by working with Swiss engineers. They put long hours into designing the perfect coffee machine that grinds, brews, and steams your coffee while making sure the elegant flavors are extracted for you to taste the best cup of Joe! All while maintaining cleanliness within your product.

Customizable Options

This product has been designed to choose from a large selection of accessories. Some of the accessories include a cup warmer, milk cooler, and a disposal function for coffee grounds. There are 8 different levels of strength programmed into the machine as well as the ability to create your perfect coffee solution by whipping up your own recipe.

If you are planning a party and have different beverage orders, the Giga X7 will allow you to customize the drinks and program them into your machine. This is another one of the superb designed components that are installed into this Jura model.

Additional Details

The Jura Giga X7 has a TFT color display, two Thermo block heating systems, two independent ceramic disc grinders, and trend specialties galore with the ability to program in milk foam. The machine has dual coffee spouts and dual milk spouts so you can prepare two specialty drinks at once.

The Jura Giga X7 has an a la carte bean selection to choose from by using either grinder. A jug of coffee can grind and brew up to five shots with a touch of a button. There’s a separate hot water spout to brew water for hot tea and is Swiss-made. This product is easy to use and will keep you satisfied, cup after cup.

Value of the Jura Giga X7

The Jura Giga X7 has been described as a powerhouse because of its capability to make two espresso or milk-based beverages at the same time. The machine will steam you up a cup quickly due to the dual boiler and dual milk systems. All of the standard espresso and milk beverages are programmed in and you receive another 12 recipes programmed into the machine.

Therefore, there are 30 options to choose from as soon as you open the box. Strength settings can be easily adjusted as well as three different temperature settings. Milk density and coffee flavors can be personalized.

The dual grinder on the Jura Giga X7 and hoppers let consumers experiment due to Jura’s beans a la carte function. This lets you design new blends or do a half decaf and half coffee blend. Don’t forget about the Intelligent pre-brew system either. This mechanism allows the coffee grounds to be pre-brewed for excellent flavor.

The Jura Giga X7 brews up to 150 coffee drinks per day, so this is a coffee machine for entertaining or office settings. The wide selection of coffees and milk-based drinks makes this machine extremely convenient. A cool control milk refrigerator and platinum cup warmer can be ordered for added efficiency.

The Final Brew of the Jura Giga X7

The final brew looks pretty exciting with the Jura Giga X7. This machine is recommended for office staff or entertaining large groups of friends or clients. The result is always the same, every beverage brewed tastes incredibly amazing.

Whether you’re trying to land an account or having a large function, the Jura Giga X7 will create whatever it is that you program into the machine. The result is worth the investment when your clients are satisfied or your entertainment was a hit.

If you choose the Jura Giga X7, have fun experimenting and take time to relax and savor that first sip of coffee you made from your brand new machine. Many of the best conversations and business deals have been made over a cup of good java! Pick and Brew did all the research for your purchase of the Jura Giga X7, all you have to do is sit back and let this machine work its magic.

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