Mazzer Super Jolly Coffee grinder

Just Call Me Saint Nick: Mazzer Super Jolly Review

Besides Saint Nick or Santa, what comes to mind when you hear “Super Jolly?” For anyone that happens to be a coffee enthusiast or a barista at a coffee shop or café, Super Jolly would bring to mind one of the best coffee grinders and grinder-dosers made by the Mazzer company in Italy that’s been around for more than 70 years.

Mazzer is well known worldwide for its reliable and durable coffee grinders, grinder-dosers, and accessories. All of Mazzer’s products are admired and appreciated for their innovation, technology, and high-quality materials to such a degree that they have distribution in 90 countries and still growing.

The Super Jolly is normally found in use at small to mid-sized coffee cafes but can also be used in the home, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. The first time I saw one was at my favorite coffee shop that consistently served me with my favorite Latte or freshly brewed blend.

I was always amazed at how they would turn out with the same awesome taste every time I requested one so I asked the barista serving me how he managed to be so consistent. He said, “I leave to Saint Nick” as he pointed to the Mazzer Super Jolly.

My favorite barista at my favorite café taught me a lot about coffee and the equipment that is used to make that consistently perfect cup of coffee that I love. For example, I did not know what a portafilter is or the difference between a dosing and non-dosing grinder or the difference is between stepped and stepless grind adjustment styles until my favorite barista explained some coffee grinder terms to me.

If you’re thinking of buying this super grinder, this Mazzer Super Jolly Review should help you decide if it is for you and below are some terms if you need some brief explanations before buying:

  • Portafilter — a portable filter or small container with a handle that is necessary to catch the coffee grounds for a shot of espresso that has small holes on the bottom to filter it. Hot water is then run through the grounds to extract the flavor into a cup. This little part plays a big part in making espresso and has more components that you can read about at Portafilter Facts Explained.
  • Dosing grinder — it collects the coffee grounds after they are dispensed from the bean hopper that holds the beans through the grinder into a ground coffee container that rotates and looks like a pie cut into six pieces with each section being enough for a shot of espresso. The user pulls a handle to dispense one or two shots at a time for each cup made. This process can be messy.
  • Non-dosing grinder — it collects the coffee grounds after they are dispensed from the bean hopper that holds the beans through the grinder directly into a portafilter or a ground coffee container or both.
  • Stepped adjustment grinder – depending on the brand there are two styles: 1) Self Holding—as you turn the hopper or adjust knob you hear clicking as it locks the fineness level in place;
    2) Lever Release—you need to push down and hold release lever to turn hopper that adjusts the fineness to correct setting. You will not hear any clicking and when you let go it will lock in place.
  • Stepless grinder – it is more advanced with infinite settings and there are no preset stops so that you can adjust it as little or a much as wanted when needed to fine tune an espresso.

For a more detailed explanation of grinder types and parts, there is a video on Youtube called How To Choose a Coffee Grinder for Beginners that I found very helpful when I was first learning about them.Mazzer Super Jolly


Here are some of the Mazzer Super Jolly features:

  • It is a dosing grinder (also called grinder-doser) with flat blades
  • It has stepless micrometrical adjustments for espresso, drip coffee, and French press
  • It comes in three models – one with a manual switch, one with a timer switch, and one that automatically starts every 12 doses and stops when full
  • The large coffee bean hopper holds up to 2.7 pounds
  • Large ground coffee container holds up to 0.7 pounds
  • It has a grinding blade speed of 1600 RPM (60 Hz)
  • It has a heavy duty aluminum housing, clear plastic hopper and hardened steel burrs


  • If buying for home, the power of Super Jolly will blow away your guests
  • Changing settings in ground fineness is easy with the convenient grind adjustment disc
  • It has a thermal overload switch that will shut down the machine if it overheats
  • One pull of dosing lever dispenses the exact amount quickly into portafilter
  • Besides a fineness grind for espresso, it does a great job at grinding coarse for Turkish, French press, or drip coffee
  • The low RPMs bring out the aroma and flavor better
  • The chute and other parts are easy to clean
  • The automatic electronic version is programmable so single or double shots can be set


  • It is a large grinder and cannot be hidden under the counter
  • Be sure all the features are needed for a home grinder
  • Has a high price for a home grinder but is not the highest
  • May use a lot of energy if used frequently


The Mazzer Super Jolly is a super grinder that will certainly make you have a jolly face after your friends and family rave about how you made their favorite cup of coffee. You may be so pleased that you name it Saint Nick too. Maybe not but I bet you name it something pleasant like I did. We hope the information in this Mazzer Super Jolly Review helps you decide on just the right grinder for you.

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