Kona French Press Small Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker Review

Kona French Press Small Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker Review

When you want to enjoy the refreshing aroma and heavenly taste of barista-style coffee in the middle of nowhere, you need a coffee maker that is simple to use and easy to carry. Today, we will review the Kona French Press single serve, a well-built coffee and tea maker manufactured by French Press, a company that has been making the purest tea and coffee espresso since decades.

The classic methodology that forms the foundation of this coffee press is that it effectively extracts the essential oils from coffee beans and delivers the unique flavors right into your cup, which is otherwise diffused in paper filters.

When we looked at the Kona French Press single server, we were really impressed with the quality of construction. Filter parts and plungers that are made from rubber and flimsy plastic are bound to fail.

Instead, this coffee and tea maker is made from a three piece infuser filter system made from high quality stainless steel. These are flavor-free parts so it ensures that nothing stands between you and what you love –well brewed coffee.

We like that the manufacture used a sturdy frame instead of a brittle glass teapot which would crack with daily use. Their teapot is made from high quality borosilicate glass which makes the product resistant to thermal shocks, thus it’s a great product for outdoor activities. The stylish, durable and fun design of this product is inspired from various baristas around the world.

The makers have taken extra care to carefully wrap the coffee and tea maker with a protective design to reduce the chances of breakage. However this does not take away the aesthetic quality of the Kona French Press Small Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker.

So, this ensures that your investment goes in the right place and you can use your French Press tea and coffee maker for many years to come.

The machine comes equipped with an ergonomic handle which sports a clever design that allows effortless and free flow pouring. The BPA free lid ensures that plastic does not come in contact with your hot/ iced cold brew tea when soaking.

Although we consider it a great option for campers and backpackers, this amazing coffee press maker works perfect for daily use at kitchen. It works perfect for singles and the compact design can perfectly fit any kitchen counter and look great too.

The coffee maker is highly versatile so you don’t have to store it away during the summer months when the temperature soars and you need cold beverages instead of hot ones. You can use this product to brew iced tea and coffee to keep your refreshed in the hot summer days.

We can’t help but notice how easy it is to use and maintain this coffee maker. The stainless steel filter and infuser system are detachable and dishwasher machine safe. It does not need electricity to function; hence it works great in different types of environments.

Features of the Kona French Press Small Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker

  • Measures 7.4 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Weighs 2 ounces
  • Top rated French Press
  • Filter and strainer made from stainless steel
  • Makes you 3 cups of hot steaming coffee
  • Insulated protective outer cover
  • Ergonomic handle
  • BPS / BPA free lid
  • Dishwasher Machine Safe
  • Non-electric coffee and tea maker


  • Gives you the same great taste every single time
  • Highly portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go
  • The construction quality is excellent
  • Stylish appearance and complements any kitchen counter
  • The appliance is easy to use with simple instructions
  • It is easy to wash as the product is also dishwasher safe
  • It gives you good number of cups anytime
  • Perfect for the campers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Does not make any noise and it’s also good for office environments
  • Allows you to easily adjust the temperature of water
  • Plastic grip protects the tall glass carafe
  • Comes with a nice spoon for scooping out the right measurements


  • The 16oz marker line is oddly placed
  • The screen is fragile and might not suit those who are rough handler of things


We compared the Kona Fresh Press carafe with other products in the same price bracket and found that the product in review costs a little extra. However, we also cannot deny that the construction quality and durability is better than competitor products.

When we compare Kona with the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, we find that the former uses thin plastic for the outer lid while the Bodum has a metal lid. The filter and spring in the Bodum coffee maker is made from higher quality materials when compared to Kona.

The better quality comes with a higher price tag and the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker costs more than the product in review.


The Kona French Press Small Single Serve is a well-made coffee and tea maker that not only looks good but also performs well. If you are someone who needs a cup of coffee to kick start your day even when you are camping in the woods, this user friendly coffee maker is a great idea.

We love the stylish appearance and ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use this product. It gives you the same great aroma and freshly brewed taste every time. Although it is slightly more expensive than competitor products, we recommend that you buy it if you are looking for something that is less expensive but works great.

Overall, we think it is an affordable choice for singles and outdoor enthusiasts who want an easy to use coffee maker.

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