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Taking the Grind out of Grinding: Hamilton Beach 80365 Review

Update: The Hamilton Beach 80365 item is currently unavailable. We’ve replaced this listing by the Hamilton Beach 80393 in the links.

Remember the coffee grinders referred to as “pulse and grind?” I used to call them “grind and grind” due to the fact that they were a grind to use! It was a grind to have to hold down the button for it to grind. Enough with the grind word! But if you haven’t ever owned one of them be glad or else you may have tossed that thing like I did and been against coffee grinders ever since.

I didn’t have a coffee grinder for some years and hopped on the Starbuck wagon until I lost my high paying job and couldn’t pay their high prices anymore. I found another job a lower pay and decided to buy a coffee grinder as long as it wasn’t a pulse and grind kind.

I spent a few hours researching what coffee grinder I could get for the least amount of money but with the ability to grind coffee beans to make great java to my satisfaction.

When I saw the Hamilton Beach 80365 blade grinder that was under a $20.00 price tag and it was being advertised to be a hands-free grinder, I decided to give it a try. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a deal like that.


When I got paid, I ordered the Hamilton Beach 80365 online and proceeded to forget about it until a few days later when I saw a package by my door as I came home from work. I was so excited that when my neighbor saw me jumping up and down she asked if I had just won the lotto. I had already bought coffee beans and a few sticks of cinnamon to grind for my first cup of coffee the next morning. Or maybe I’d just have to fix one to go with dinner.

Opening the Hamilton Beach 80365 box was like opening a present. As I pulled it out of the plastic wrap, I was really impressed with the solid quality feel of the grinder. The picture online did not do this classy little grinder any justice. I pulled out the instruction booklet with good intentions of reading it but then got in a hurry to try it out.

So I washed it out with soap and water and wiped it dry. Then I filled the grinding chamber with coffee beans, popped the cover on, and selected 4 for the number of cups I wanted and set the dial in the middle for Drip as the grind I wanted. I then simply pushed the on/off button and it quietly buzzed until it stopped by itself. It truly is hands-free! I broke off a few pieces of cinnamon, put them in the chamber, moved the dial to Espresso for a finer grind, and pushed the button. Again it quietly hummed until it quit. Done!

All I needed to do now was to put the ground-up beans and cinnamon into the basket of my coffee maker, turn it on to brew immediately, and wait. I had a few leftover grounds so I put them into an airtight container and stored it in a cool dry place and I would use it the next day. I knew that putting in the refrigerator was not a good idea as the humidity diminishes the taste and quality of the coffee but putting large quantities in the freezer is fine as long as when you remove it you place it in a cool dry place like a pantry.

I waited with anticipation and as soon as the coffee maker was close to being done, I was ready with my coffee cup. I can’t say I have ever had a better cup of coffee! I savored every drop and was about to fix another cup when I thought I’d better wait for dinner or I would never get to sleep for the night.


Here are some of its many features and benefits of the Hamilton Beach 80365:

  • It has hands-free grinding with auto-stop mechanism after beans are ground to perfection
  • The removable grinding chamber lifts out for pouring and for cleaning easily
  • It comes with a brush to remove the grounds from the sides and bottom of chamber
  • The clear plastic chamber cover lets you see the grinding in process
  • The grinding chamber only may be washed on top shelf of dishwasher
  • The five grind settings take the guesswork out and gives a perfect grind every time
  • Can use to grind spices usually on espresso setting – should be cleaned afterward
  • It has a hidden cord storage to keep your countertop neat
  • The motor is quieter and smoother than other brands of grinders


  • No more antiquated pulse and grind
  • Hands-free grinding with auto-stop
  • Grinding chamber convenient for pouring
  • Brush included for cleaning inside
  • Five grind settings from Percolator to Espresso
  • Four number of cups setting from 4 to 12
  • Comes with detailed user manual in three languages
  • Quiet and smooth motor


  • Grinder chamber cover is not dishwasher safe
  • Not recommended for fresh herbs
  • Static buildup can cause uneven grinds
  • Cord too stiff to store properly


For a blade coffee grinder, the Hamilton Beach 80365 is definitely a big step above the old pulse and grind blade grinders at a very reasonable price of less than $20. It is perfect for the person just starting out or anyone that doesn’t do a lot of grinding. The convenient hands-free and automatic stop are big improvements as are the grind settings and number of cup settings. Hopefully this Hamilton Beach 80365 review will help you decide if it is the one for you to help you take the grind out of grinding.

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